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Amalgamated Research LLC


Agricultural Laboratories

About Us

Amalgamated Research LLC is a process research and development company specializing in creation and management of innovative technology from lab and pilot to full-scale industrial implementation.
Products include ARi's patented fractal distributors and fractal distribution technology for efficiently controlling the geometry and dynamics of fluid scaling and distribution. Examples include control of single or multi-phase flows in chromatography, ion exchange, adsorption, absorption, distillation, aeration, scrubbing, extraction, combustion, mixing and reactor processes. Other diverse applications include control or suppression of turbulence ordinarily caused by fluid jets, pluming or wake sources.
ARi develops and installs industrial chromatography systems including simulated moving bed chromatography (SMB). Examples include recovery of sucrose from beet and cane sources, production of fructose from starch sources (including HFCS), recovery of chemicals and biomass separations.
ARi provides process intensification (PI) equipment. Examples are patented fractal ion exchange systems which use as little as 2% of the resin required in competing processes.
ARi markets efficient and cost effective biomass separation equipment for production of fuels and chemicals.
Other services include pilot testing, contract process research and development; analytical services; collaborative research studies and manufacture of specialty process equipment

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