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Idaho Milk Products Inc


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About Us

Why Idaho Milk Products?

We believe the freshest, most consistent milk product ingredients lead to the best tasting end products. And we are the only supplier on the planet whose ultra-fresh milk products can transition to final packaging within twenty-four hours. Our dedication to freshness results in better tasting, better-performing dairy ingredients.

Every day our facility takes in three million pounds of fresh, raw milk that is chilled immediately after collection and delivered to our plant by a fleet of dedicated tankers. We fractionate the milk into its macronutrient components?protein, carbohydrate, fat, and water?through a series of steps utilizing standard dairy technologies, but in new and innovative ways.

We separate the fat to create IdaPro ? Cream, which can ship to customers on the very day of milking. We concentrate and dry the protein to create IdaPro ® Milk Protein Concentrate, crystalize and dry the carbohydrate and mineral fraction to create IdaPro ® Milk Permeate Powder.

Its not enough to simply provide great products; we strive to be great neighbors, as well. We operate as sustainably as possible, utilizing energy efficient measures and waste management efforts during every step of the process, while also contributing to the health of the regional economy, and supporting the communities we call home.


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