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About Us

KickBack Points, LLC. was formed in 2000, by a group of business owners, as a means to compete against larger aggressive competitors. It was determined that through loyalty marketing, they would be able to recognize and reward their best consumers and protect their market share from attrition.
KickBack?s innovative solutions and unique approach to loyalty marketing quickly provided results for these retailers which included higher customer frequency, higher ticket averages, and a mitigating of consumer defection. Word of their obvious success spread rapidly and soon they began designing programs for other companies around the country. Today KickBack provides programs for nearly 100 companies and their flagship program, KickBack Points, is the largest coalition loyalty program in the US.
KickBack stands as the leader in loyalty marketing in the convenience store and quick service restaurant channels. KickBack has also designed effective programs for other channels such as: grocery stores, gaming casinos, truck stops, furniture stores, rental companies, clothing stores, and many others.
KickBack holds religiously to its prime mission, and that is to ?Make good customers better? for their clients. They have grown to the top and been successful because of five main reasons:

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