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Names and Numbers


Telephone Directories

About Us

Names and Numbers was created to make a more accurate, complete, and easy-to-use phone book for the areas it served, as well as build the advertisers' business by giving them a highly effective advertising campaign. Designed specifically for each individual area, Names and Numbers' phone books contain an abundance of information, including an Emergency page, Service Guide (providing area code/time zone map, toll free numbers, and state zip codes), Community information (providing calendar of events, local area maps, and local stadium seating charts), and the increasingly popular Caller ID Guide. Names and Numbers also produces an enhanced Internet Yellow Page product that allows advertisers even more opportunities to reach their customers. It is everything you need in a phone book and web site.

Video Media


  • Local Listings
  • Emergency Information
  • Service Guide
  • Community Information
  • Caller ID Guide

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