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HCC Strength and Conditioning

HCC Strength and Conditioning


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About Us

Group Training: The HCC Strength and Conditioning group training is created for those to meet other like-minded individuals, in a small in person group program. You will meet 3-4 times a week as your

HCC Access membership: for $25 a month, will allow access to the facility and the free instructional clinics offered throughout the month. Along with the HCC App that will give our customers access to health and wellness information and notices from HCC.

Hybrid Training- The HCC Strength and Conditioning Hybrid Training program is personalized to you. While you work out on your own time and in your own space, there are planned weekly check-ins and coaching calls to hold you accountable. As a client, you'll upload videos of your workouts for movement diagnosis. This plan is ideal for a client who needs flexibility in space or location. The program is tailored to you as a client, your needs, and your current ability level.

In-Person Training: The HCC Strength and Conditioning In-Person Training Program is created and tailored to you as a client. You will meet weekly for in-person coaching and training sessions. You'll receive instant feedback on movement and form and a strong sense of support as you pursue your healthiest self. In addition, you'll have full access to the gear and training equipment provided by HCC.

Youth Training/Clinics: HCC works with youth athletes to maximize their athleticism and enjoyment in their specialized sport and mitigate injuries. As well as instill leadership, accountability, and appreciation of a healthy lifestyle.



Youth clinic 8-12 year old
Community board
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Group class pass
Group class pass
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Jason and Felice, owners
Info card
Info card
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Group class adults
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Clinic kiddos 13-17 age group
Who are we? What does HCC stand for?
Student membership
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